How we see the World

Our Mission: To accelerate the adoption of sustainable materials and processes, driving forward an era where lightweight components are not just efficient, but inherently circular, thereby significantly reducing our environmental footprint.

Our Vision: A future where every product's price reflects its environmental footprint, showcasing the true worth of sustainability.
Our Values:


  1. Clarity: We act with transparency and purpose.
  2. Innovation: Ahead of the curve, challenging the status quo.
  3. Responsibility: Leveraging our talents to make an impact, even when faced with the smallest of odds.
  4. Quality: Superior, sustainable solutions. No compromises.
  5. Collaboration: Crafting a better future alongside our partners, clients, and the environment.

Pioneering a Sustainable Future 

Founded in 2013 by master boatbuilder Friedrich J. Deimann, GREENBOATS emerged with a singular vision: to revolutionize the composite industry by harnessing the power of Natural Fibre Composites (NFCs). 


With over a decade of experience, GREENBOATS has successfully championed this innovative material, demonstrating that NFCs can rival, and at times surpass, traditional Glass Fibre Reinforced Plastics (GRP) in performance.


Initially, our focus was the marine sector. Deimann’s craftsmanship and expertise set the company apart, establishing a foundation of excellence. However, 2018 marked a significant turning point. With the entry of Jan Paul Schirmer, GREENBOATS transformed. Schirmer's business acumen complemented Deimann's intuitive understanding of the materials and their true potential, leading to the transition of GREENBOATS from a shipyard towards a technology company- a move that made the company more adaptable to larger ventures and partnerships.


Today, our reach extends beyond boatbuilding. GREENBOATS is now a beacon for sustainable solutions across multiple high-tech sectors including aerospace, rail transport, marine, wind energy, automotive, caravaning, and furniture. The journey from a one-man operation to an industry stalwart stands as a testament to our adaptability and unwavering commitment to sustainability and innovation.


Our accolades include distinguished recognitions like the Bremer Umweltpreis 2017, Biocomposites Award 2018, Ocean Tribute Award 2018, and the World Sailing Sustainability Award in 2022.


2023 ushered in a new era. In a monumental collaboration, Europe’s top private flax producer, Groupe Depestele, invested in GREENBOATS. Recognizing our unparalleled expertise and shared vision for a greener future, this partnership strengthens our supply chain and positions us to cater to the increasing global demand for sustainable, lightweight components.



The GREENBOATS Team: A Symphony of Versatility and Expertise


At GREENBOATS, we cherish our small yet immensely capable team. A multifaceted group of professionals, each member contributes distinct expertise, fostering a rich environment where innovation and craftsmanship seamlessly intertwine. Our belief in continuous learning and research empowers us to pioneer groundbreaking products and secure vital R&D grants, further fueling our journey toward sustainability.

Holistic In-House Capability


One of our unique strengths lies in our ability to manage comprehensive project development internally. From conceptualization and design to research, development, and hands-on manufacturing, our versatile team navigates through all stages. This integrated approach, which typically would require three to four external parties, not only ensures a faster and efficient operational flow but also safeguards the quality and sustainability ethos at every step.


Proficient Engineers

Our team boasts engineers with roots in traditional boatbuilding, infusing pragmatic knowledge of the craft with technical expertise. This fusion allows us to bridge theoretical design and practical manufacturing, ensuring that innovative concepts are flawlessly brought to life. Additionally, their capabilities in conducting structural calculations and guiding product development have been crucial in streamlining our process.

Seasoned Veterans and Eager Young Minds

With over 30 years of experience in the composite industry, some of our members have developed proprietary reinforcement fibers and established robust supply chains for outsourced 3D component production. Their invaluable expertise and network elevate our company’s status and capabilities, propelling us into new operational echelons.


Meanwhile, our talented apprentices and recent graduates bring fresh perspectives and energy to our craft. Though they are at the early stages of their career, their exceptional talents, be it in manufacturing or client interactions, are evident. We believe in nurturing and retaining such talents, providing them with opportunities to further their education and grow within the company.


Investing in the Future

We have a forward-looking approach in supporting our team members’ education and professional development, understanding that their growth will, in turn, enhance our collective capabilities. Whether through supporting further studies in engineering or integrating them into vital company roles like Sales/Marketing post-apprenticeship, we're committed to developing our team for the future.

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