Driving Sustainability and Efficiency

Our Research and Development (R&D) is at the core of our mission to revolutionize a $100 billion industry from one of significant waste to a model of circular economy. We aim to meet the growing demand for lightweight, resource-efficient products by drastically reducing the resources used in production.

Our strategy involves two key approaches:

1. Sustainable Material Innovation: We're shifting towards the use of sustainable, bio-based, and recycled materials to decrease our products' ecological footprints.

2. Business Model Innovation: We're promoting models that encourage the sharing, repair, reuse, and repurposing of products, extending their lifecycle and fostering sustainable consumption.

Project Highlights: Collaborative Impact

Our projects reflect our drive for sustainable innovation, achieved alongside our valued partners. From pioneering new materials to embracing circular economy practices, these collaborations underscore our commitment to setting new standards for environmental responsibility. Explore our key initiatives and the partnerships fueling our progress towards a greener future.


The project's goal is to promote green skills in the Ecoboat and wider boat building industries, transitioning from traditional to sustainable materials and methods. With most of Europe's 6 million pleasure boats built unsustainably, there's a pressing need for eco-friendly practices. Since 2005, the industry is gradually adopting recyclable materials, requiring new, green skills for boat builders.

Green Box

The GreenBox project develops eco-friendly, CO2-efficient composites for mobility, using natural fibers and bio-plastics as alternatives to traditional materials. It aims for mass production readiness through advanced manufacturing techniques and material testing by Bremen University and GREENBOATS. The project, focusing on scalable sandwich panels, is funded by the ERDF.


The European Union co-funded TEcoNaut project, with Greenboats as a partner, aims to revolutionize the boating industry by focusing on Deep Tech materials, which can for example be recycled or sourced naturally. It seeks to develop a Deep-Tech materials course for VET and a Train the Trainers Program. Using ESCO and the EU Green Taxonomy, it identifies skills gaps and fosters an entrepreneurial mindset in students. A Traineeship program for HE students offers hands-on experience in applying Deep-Tech skills. Collaboration between Higher Education, sustainable boat builders, and VET centers is key to advancing the Deep Tech Green wave in boat building.

NaMat (Airbus, Fibre)

The "NaMat - Sustainable Materials" project, in collaboration with Airbus, FIBRE, and Greenboats, focuses on developing eco-friendly materials for future aircraft, targeting the 2030+ "ZeroEmission" goal. This effort aims for sustainability in aviation through renewable and recyclable materials, supported by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

Join the Movement

We're on a mission to transform our industry and we believe in the power of collaboration to achieve this vision. If you're an organization or innovator driven by sustainability, we invite you to join us. Together, bound by common values and a shared vision for a better future, we can create impactful change. We're keen to explore new projects and partnerships that align with our goals. Let's innovate and work together towards a greener, more sustainable world. Reach out to us and be part of this transformative journey.

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